Metallica – Hard Wired… to Self Destruct

*The following review was written for an L.A. based digital magazine*


imgresOh, what another wonder of onslaught and metallic fury. The newest album in Metallica’s musical diatribe, Hard Wired…to Self-Destruct, moves vehemently through politically charged anthems and dystopian hard tales. What starts off as a quick punch to the gut quickly turns into something resembling their more mainstream ballads. That being said, the album is a fresh taste of old medicine: raw, driven and storied on a scale of blissful carnage.

It’s no question that the combined brains of longstanding members Ulrich and Hetfield remain close to the ground, picking apart thematic elements that have wedged themselves deep within the social confines of today’s millennials. However, long-standing fans must continue to praise the group as the album has topped charts, having finished at number one on a plethora of domestic and international charts.

With a world tour looming right around the corner, Metallica’s tenth studio album is yet another testament to the band’s ability to produce solid tracks. Timing out at little over forty minutes, Hard Wired… combines renegade rifts from Trujillo and powered fills courtesy of Lars Ulrich. The fact that each musician is over fifty is quite remarkable as none of their energy is lost in the twelve track record. “Halo on Fire,” arguably the album’s best track, pushes through a range of tones. Its melody is tangential, geared to work over a smooth beginning, only to nicely transition towards those aggressive guitars.

Hard Wired…to Self Destruct is right at home in the anthology of Metallica works. At no point does it feel like a copy of previous sounds or fall to the muse of unoriginality. It’s pure, driven and, most notably, grounded in something more than music. Just take a moment and carefully listen to the lyrics. Amidst powerful heavy metal, Metallica’s Hard Wired…to Self Destruct deserves any metalhead’s ear.

In full, Hard Wired… only further proves this California metal militia’s longevity. A pulsating metal opera like this deserves fruitful homage. Even though the band is long past …And Justice For All, their recent album is just as genuine and possibly even more relevant in today’s eye. One can only hope that tour dates and locations expose themselves soon.

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