Story Editor: 9 Banded Whiskey

Bottle Label for which I provided Copy-editing and revisions:


Brand outlook and story concept I developed during my time as 9 Banded Whiskey’s Story Editor:

The Armadillo World Headquarters:

As Remembered by 9 Banded Whiskey

After opening its doors in the fall of 1970, The Armadillo World Headquarters became the central hub for music and cultural blending in the United States. Folks from all over the country journeyed to Austin and became fused in a vat of psychedelic rock, cosmic country, and new wave movements. With musicians like Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Fats Domino and Janis Joplin leading these movements, The Armadillo World Headquarters quickly solidified itself as one of the greatest music venues and cultural landmarks of its time.

At first glance, it looked like nothing more than a beat-up warehouse, nestled comfortably behind The Skating Palace. Maybe that’s why it drew in such a mix of people. It was beat-up, with poor sound quality and it promoted one thing:

“We’re here for the music.”

We’d like to think that this statement prevented anybody from raising the fisticuffs. As with many situations that involve different people coming together under one roof, there were definitely some squabbles. Even a young Bill Clinton is said to have dished out a few haymakers. But, like many of the fights between ended with an abundance of apologies, handshakes and the acceptance that everyone was there for the same reason: to hear great music.

In 1980, The Armadillo World Headquarters was shut down. With its closing went the unique outlook of bringing social outcasts together who enjoy revolutionary music and great food. Although the venue has been closed for 35 years, the stoke behind The Armadillo is still embedded in the cultural bones of Austin. Ultimately, the cities slogan, “Austin Weird”, was birthed out of the abandoned armory turned concert hall. This place, known sometimes just as The ‘Dillo, brought together a soulful army of hippies, cowboys, and rednecks.

At 9 Banded Whiskey, we hold the utmost respect for the concept behind The Armadillo World Headquarters. We believe that the city of Austin, and its music, inhabits a special place in the heart of the United States. The cultural blend that exploded from the AWHQ has made the city into what it is today. Through our whiskey, we look to continue to evoke the well-rounded mix that makes up “The Live Music Capitol of the World”.


“If you really want to get along with somebody, let them be themselves.”

-Willie Nelson

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