Copywriter: Fixe Southern House pt. 3

The following piece was written as part of an e-mail campaign designed to increase traffic on the Austin-based restaurant’s website.

Lightly Fried

What separates the staff at Fixe from any other restaurant is their drive to promote the act of eating quality food. Southern Comfort is the name of the game and the team at Fixe never falls short. From the highly meticulous production of exquisite southern eats to their “family” style dining experience, it can only be said that you must eat here immediately.chef-james-friend-chicken

The team at Fixe has found a perfect medium between crispy and savory. The chicken rests nicely between a breaded cocoon of flavorful fried bits. Hints of buttermilk, kale, and green apple are mixed exquisitely in a battered shield and plastered together in a mixture of homemade spicy honey.

The essence of Austin’s progressive southern restaurant becomes entirely encrusted in their fried chicken. A staple of Southern cuisine, Without a doubt, there should be at least two servings of the fried masterpiece on your table during your next trip to Fixe. Get creative and place a piece of fried chicken in between one of Fixe’s warm biscuits and you’ve got yourself some seriously heartwarming soul food courtesy of Louisiana native Chef James.

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